A New Day

Proctor Tourism is finally moving into the world of Instagram, blogs and social media.  We live next to the vibrant, evolving city of Duluth, appreciate all they have to offer, but keep our simple easy existance.  We offer visitors our own great experiences, convenience, easy parking, professional planning.  All done with a homey, personal touch. But we realize that we can keep what’s unique about Proctor, and still catch up with the times.   We know visitors come here for a warm welcome and genuine adventures.  With Instagram and Facebook, they can tell us and others about it.  They can post a video or a fantastic photo.   They can share with others in a way that others relate to.  As we always have, we embrace our guests.  Now we are embracing ways to tell everyone!  We are joining the social media world, but we promise we will always be genuine and fun.   Its a New Day for us.  We invite you to come along on our ride.